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Replace locks

Replace locks? Has your key broken off in the lock? Locksmith LockTight always offers a quick and appropriate solution. Locks also need to be replaced from time to time. Maybe they no longer work properly, they are old and worn out or maybe you have seen a better system with which you want to protect your home.

Lost keys

Do not take any risks with your own safety. The locks of your home, office or garage are easy to crack for nimble-fingered burglars. Fortunately, there are good locking systems on the market today that significantly reduce the chance of a break-in. In the event of loss or theft of a key, it is completely sensible to have your lock replaced with Locksmith Rotterdam immediately. There may be a stranger walking around with your key. Most burglars are opportunity burglars. These are lucky charms who spring into action when they see the opportunity to break in quickly and easily. For example, an unlocked door or an accessible open window is an attractive target. A burglary has been committed in no time. When replacing your lock, it is usually sufficient to have the cylinder of the lock replaced. Then you will receive new keys that fit on the cylinder, which solves the problem.

Burglar-resistant hinges and locks

However, you can also choose to have burglary-resistant hinges and locks installed immediately. Then you can be sure that your home is well secured and that burglars will skip your door from now on. If you have lost your keys, it is wise to have your locks replaced by Locksmith Rotterdam. Is it an emergency, because you have lost your house key and are standing in front of a closed door? You can also engage us in that case. After all, you never know who has found the key! We work meticulously, cleanly and without noticeable damage to your door.