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Multi-point closure

To properly protect your property against burglary, we recommend that you provide your doors with a multi-point lock. With this system you can close the door at three points simultaneously with one action. So you only need one key to lock your home three times better.

Burglary prevention through multi-point locking

The multi-point lock is milled in using various milling jigs and machines. As a result, it is mounted very accurately and everything can be aligned very sharply. By using a professional vacuum cleaner, which is connected to the milling machines, nuisance caused by dust can be limited as much as possible. Of course we clean up everything neatly before we leave. A multi-point lock is, in addition to being user-friendly, burglar-resistant. A burglar will have his hands full with this. An additional advantage is that, even in the event of a calamity in the house, the door can be released with one action in order to be able to leave the house quickly.

Lock with SKG quality mark

All locks from Locksmith Rotterdam bear the SKG quality mark, so also the locks with a multi-point lock. SKG stands for Foundation Quality Gevelbouw. This is an independent body that tests hinges and locks for strength and durability.