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Burglary protection Rotterdam

Burglary prevention, ensure that your home is properly secured and prevent burglaries by using reliable and tested SKG products. A burglary is one of the high impact crimes. People who have had to deal with a burglary experience, in addition to material damage, mainly emotional damage. In practice, we often hear that compensation for stolen goods is minimal and that jewelry or family heirlooms can never be replaced. In many cases it happens that people no longer feel safe in their own home and sometimes even decide to move, but locksmith-Rotterdam provides burglary prevention in your home.

Locksmith Rotterdam provides burglary prevention

The term: “there is never a break-in in our area”, is regularly used in our profession, but if there is a break-in it is really too late. In many cases, a burglary can be prevented quite easily. This by providing your home with approved locks and using them correctly. 

SKG quality mark

SKG is an independent certification organization that inspects locks against burglary. The stars indicate the degree of burglar resistance:
1 SKG star: standard, 3 minutes burglary resistant
2 SKG stars: heavy, 3 minutes independently burglary-resistant
3 SKG stars: extra heavy, 5 minutes independently burglary resistant

A few minutes of intrusion delay may seem like little, but it isn’t. Practice shows that an occasional burglar will not enter if SKG products have been used and will therefore decide to look for another home.

Tips against burglary

Don’t make it easy for burglars. Read here tips to prevent a burglary in your home. Locksmith LockTight advises customers to reduce break-ins. We do this without any obligation.

Advice burglary prevention

Protecting your home from burglaries is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of your family. Burglary is a highly disturbing crime that can cause emotional and financial damage. At Locksmith Rotterdam, we understand the importance of preventing burglaries and offer expert advice on how to secure your home. Our team of skilled professionals provides a no-obligation visit to inspect your home and assess potential security risks. We discuss the various options available to enhance your home’s security and provide a quote for the work required. We are a police-approved company with a reputation for delivering quality services that meet our clients’ needs. Contact us today to secure your home and obtain the Safe Home certificate.”