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Locksmith Rotterdam

Do you have a lock problem? Then the locksmith Rotterdam can help you with this in almost all cases. Locks usually have few secrets for our experienced and professional mechanics, so it does not matter what type of lock it is. If you want to know whether we can solve a particular problem for you, you can check out the site which services we offer. Then please contact us. We like to help you. Have you been locked out because the key has broken off in the lock or have you accidentally left it inside? For these and many other lock problems, our locksmiths do not turn their hand around and are quickly present to help you.
Locksmith Rotterdam
Locksmith Rotterdam

Emergency service

When you have a lock problem that needs to be solved urgently, it is best to contact our emergency service. This is available 24/7 by phone.

Locksmith Rotterdam

Open locks

You can try to open a lock that is stuck, but it is advisable to have this done by a locksmith. This one can do it open locks without damaging it.

Locksmith Rotterdam

Replace locks

Ready for change locks? Then seek advice from the locksmith so that you can choose the right lock from the extensive range that suits your home.

Locksmith Rotterdam

Burglary protection

A good burglary protection is not cheap, but you can benefit a lot from it. This makes breaking in a lot more difficult and it gives you a feeling of peace of mind.

Locksmith Rotterdam

Core pull protection

Nowadays, if you have a new cylinder lock installed, there is already a core pull protection at.This makes core pulling virtually impossible and your home is better secured.

Locksmith Rotterdam

Have a multi-point lock installed

Do you want a good lock on the door for which you only need one key? Then definitely consider one multi-point lock. It closes at several points at the same time.


Locksmith Patrick is the right person if you want to know more about burglary prevention. Together with you, he can see what you want and which security best suits the home. Of course, the available budget is always taken into account.

Lock expert


When you have a lock that can no longer open, Jeremy is the one to turn to. It can open almost any keyless lock for you without damaging it. This is beneficial for you because you can still use the lock afterwards.

Lock specialist


Do you want to have a new lock placed on the front door? Then locksmith Vincent can give you good advice. We only install the best locks that have an SKG certificate, but there is still a wide choice here too. With Vincent's help, you always choose the best lock for your home.


Emergency service in Rotterdam

Are you home late at night after a day out and can’t find your keys? If there is no one where you can get a spare key, it is best to contact our emergency service. This is available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will always get someone on the line who will ensure that the locksmith is with you as soon as possible to help you with your lock problem. The locksmith works in a small area so that he or she can always be on site quickly.With us, urgent really means urgent, because the locksmith is always there within 20 minutes so you never have to wait long. Even in the middle of the night we are there quickly.
Locksmith Rotterdam

24 hours, seven days a week​

You can use our emergency service 24/7. So that's really always the case.​

Often within 22 minutes

This is the maximum time that our locksmith needs to be with you to solve your lock problem.

1, 2 or 3 stars

These are the number of stars on a SKG-certified lock that indicate how safe it is.

Replace locks

Replacing a lock is a piece of cake for our locksmiths. They do this every day and don’t turn around anymore. When they replace a lock, only the best quality locks available are used. The range of locks is large so that there is something for everyone to find. Our locksmiths install SKG-certified locks that we simply have in stock. You will quickly receive a new lock, which is also extra safe and makes a good contribution to the burglary prevention of your home. Do you find it difficult to choose the right lock yourself? Always seek advice from our locksmiths first. They can work with you to determine which lock best suits your home and your wishes and which also falls within the available budget. If you want to know where you stand financially, always first make a non-binding quote.
Locksmith Rotterdam
Locksmith Rotterdam

Emergency locksmith Rotterdam

Not every lock problem is in a hurry. For example, if you have a lock that needs to be replaced in the not too distant future, then of course this does not have to happen on the fly. However, if you have a lock problem that is in a hurry, you can contact our emergency service.This is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can always call us with urgent lock problems. It doesn’t matter what time or what day it is. You will always get someone on the line and we will ensure that a locksmith is present as soon as possible to help you. Our locksmiths need a maximum of 20 minutes to get to you, so there is never a very long wait. For us, urgency means real urgency to help you out quickly.

Frequently asked questions Locksmith Rotterdam

How do I request a quote for an urgent job?

When you contact our emergency service by telephone, we can immediately provide you with a quote. This way you know immediately what the job will cost you and you will not be faced with nasty surprises afterwards.

Why are there stars on an SKG lock?

These stars indicate how safe a particular lock is. If there are more stars on it, the lock is the safest. Such a lock comes with a certificate that you must show to the locksmith if you want to have a key made.

Why is having a core pull protection installed a good idea?

This prevents the core from being pulled out of the lock from the outside. The security is placed over the core so that it is not easily accessible for people without a key. You can continue to use the lock as usual.

Why is a multi-point lock safe?

This type of lock closes at three points simultaneously when you turn the key in the lock. This closes the door in three places at once and makes breaking open a lot more complicated. You only need one key to operate such a lock.

What is the smart thing to do if the key breaks in the lock?

Never try to remove the remainder yourself, but let the locksmith do this. This one has special tools for it and in 95% of all cases the lock is not damaged and can still be used.

Can I have my keys copied?

Yes, it is possible to have keys copied. If you need an extra key for your existing lock, you can have this done at a locksmith. However, it is important to know that not all keys can be copied.

Tony from Rotterdam

When we come home from vacation, there has been a break-in. Fortunately not much was removed but the lock on the front door was forced.Immediately called in the locksmith who replaced the broken lock with a new and safe one. Fast service so that we could close again, for which we thank you.

Bonnie from Rotterdam

Stupid action on my part, of course: I lock the door behind me and leave the key inside. No key at the neighbors of course so called the locksmith there. This one came super fast and opened the door for me and made an extra key.
Great service!

Eefke from Rotterdam

After a day of shopping I come home, keys are nowhere to be found among all the purchases. Called locksmith after we found the number on the site and it was there very quickly. He opened the lock without damaging it and once inside we were able to lock again using the spare keys.

Work area

Work area locksmith Rotterdam

The locksmiths who are employed by us work in a not too large area. This ensures that they can always be present quickly to someone when an urgent job arises. So you never have to wait long for help with a lock problem. Our locksmiths work throughout Eindhoven, so it doesn’t matter which neighborhood or street you live in. They are really everywhere, all over the city. Our professionals are sent on the road immediately after your call so that there can be no delay.